Welcome to PEAP

The Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) offers health and fitness activity classes to every Texas A&M student. There are over 30 activity courses, including aerobic running, archery, badminton, bowling, weight training, fencing, soccer, golf, gymnastics, handball, mountain biking, Pilates, self-defense, volleyball and yoga.

Exercise is Medicine

The goal of PEAP is to help students develop a lifetime appreciation and commitment to physical activity so that they can live healthy lives.

Real World Science Classes

In addition to activity courses, PEAP offers University Core Curriculum science courses. Students can take KINE 120 (one credit hour) or KINE 223 (three credit hours). Students will learn the fundamentals of stress, health, science, exercise, nutrition, and performance.

Best Facilities

The PEAP Building has a large open court area which can be broken up into four full size basketball courts, six volleyball courts, or 12 badminton courts. There are also areas for gymnastics, archery, fencing, boot camp conditioning, self defense, yoga, dance, and pilates.

Take A Class From Us

Want to know more? Call the PEAP office at (979) 845-5924.

Lifetime Fitness, Lifetime Wellness, Lifetime Activity

The Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) at Texas A&M University has been recognized as one of the best programs of its kind in the United States.

PEAP offers a wide variety of courses, focusing on “Lifetime Fitness, Lifetime Wellness, and Lifetime Activity.”

  • KINE 199 (1 credit hour): Over 50 types of exercise and physical activity classes are available in this elective course. Classes are open to all students at all levels of experience.

PEAP also offers real world science courses that fulfill the University’s Core Curriculum requirements:

  • KINE 120 (1 credit hour): Students will learn the fundamentals of stress, exercise, nutrition, disease and drug use while participating in a physical activity of their choice.
  • KINE 223 (3 credit hour): This course incorporates several domains of integrative learning.  Here, students will learn fundamentals of health, science, and performance while participating in a physical activity of their choice.