Ice Sports

  • Ice Skating
    • Basic Ice Skating is designed for the student who is new to the ice and looking to develop and/or review introductory skills.  The fundamentals of forward movement, backward movement, stopping and turning will be practiced and refined. Mastery of the basics will prepare skaters for a variety of ice sports, such as figure skating, hockey, ice dancing, and speed skating.
  • Figure Skating
    • Beginning Figure Skating is designed for the student looking to combine grace and athleticism on the ice. Fundamentals of ice skating, such as forward movement, backward movement, stopping, and turning will be taught and polished. Students will work to develop new skills such as edges, turns, crossovers, jumps, and spins.
  • Hockey
    • The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a beginning level of knowledge and skills in Ice Hockey. As a result, the student will improve his/her overall fitness level and skill performance. Basic skills for stance and skating, passing, shooting and systems and strategies will be taught. Safe practices and rules of hockey will be emphasized throughout the semester.
  • Broomball
    • Introduction of basic broomball skills, techniques and safety knowledge necessary to achieve a competent level of participation.  Instruction will focus on ball control, stick handling, passing, and shooting, along with offensive and defensive situations and positioning. The majority of the course will consist of knowledge and technique and the last few weeks on actual team play.