Rock Climbing

Beginning Rock Climbing introduces the student to the sports of bouldering and top-roped rock climbing as they relates to indoor climbing facilities.  Students will be taught and tested on how to belay a top roped climber, how to properly wear a harness, how to tie in to the rope, how to spot for bouldering and on a variety of climbing movements and techniques. While climbing is a sport that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, it is important to realize that during the course of this class, students will be expected to perform the following physical tasks, multiple times per class:

  • Use their arms and legs to climb to heights of at least 35 feet and to no more than 80 feet
  • Weight the rope and be lowered by another person
  • Climb, without stopping, up the entire length of the wall without weighting the rope

Students who read the above list and are unsure of their ability to perform these tasks are encouraged to consult with the class instructor to ascertain whether the class is a good fit for them. A field trip to the Reimer’s Ranch is included in this course.